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Warranty service terms and conditions

  1. Warranty service is provided if the customer submits an electronic nominal receipt (by the way, it can be submitted by sending it from the customer’s e-mail to the company’s e-mail).
  2. The service is carried out only in our ECOX center. The customer should bring it to our center personally.
  3. Warranty service does not include: device power supply, accessory fixing, replacement, preventing cleaning, device installation, adjustment, exchange and the fix up.
  4. Products will not undergo warranty service if their defects are caused by the following reasons:
    • Improper and unacceptable functioning , careless attitude towards the equipment, mechanical and thermal defects which were caused by an accident
    • Incorrect installation and relocation
    • The attempts to change and fix up the equipment by unauthorized third party
    • The penetration of foreign bodies, insects and liquids into the device
    • The deviations from the state technical standards of power supply and telecommunication networks
    • The equipment was used for commercial purposes
    • The defect was caused by the misconduct of a person not authorized by the ECOX Service Center.
  5. The Service Center does not replace the device or return the money
  6. The company’s service center is obliged not to disclose, use or transmit personal data to the devices contained in the memory devices during the warranty service.
  7. The Service Center reserves the right to keep the device failed for the examination and fix up for approximately 20 working days
  8. The warranty service of E-scooters and e-bikes purchased from ECOX is provided exclusively for the factory issues with batteries and engines.• Non-guaranteed Service for ECOX Customers can
  9. Ecox customers can be granted and guaranteed that they will get 20 % discounts for all the products purchased from the company*s online store.
  10. The purchased product is not subject to warranty service, unless the user has observed the rules of use mentioned in the passport of the given product.

Attention, if the buyer has decided to return the product he/she is obliged to pay.