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Products and Shop

Which is the supplier country?

China and the USA are the Exporters.

Do you have a store?

Our company has an E-store. If you wish to examine and see the product you can either visit our warehouse or use the online delivery option. By the way, as we care about our costumers we may deliver several models to make your choice easier and much more convenient.

Age Identification

Which age groups are your products targeted for?

Due to the manufacturer’s instruction they are intended for people over 12 years old, but in fact the customers* age starts from 5 year old children.

Price Policy

What is the price difference?

The differences in price policy are: the battery, the engine power, functionality and the cost, of course, but it does not reflect on the quality.

Credit Sale agreement and Test Drive

Do you offer purchases on credit –sale terms?

Yes, we cooperate with different banks.

Do you have a test drive opportunity?

Yes we do.

Warranty and delivery

Is there a warranty service?

Yes, a year for the battery and motor of the purchased product.

Is there a delivery service?

Yes, free of charge.

Service and rental terms

Is there a fix up service?

Yes we have.

Do you have rental service?

Yes, there is a custom order department on the website.

Not finding the help you need?

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