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Sale on Credit, Delivery & Payment

Credit sale

Credit sale process terms are the following two:
the first is on the spot, it means you will have to visit the warehouse of our company, where the loan will be arranged, the second is the online version, that is, when you place an order from on website, you make a note that you want to buy the product on credit and we register it online. .
Our company is currently cooperating with VTB Bank (Armenia).
The following conditions are offered by the bank to make a credit sale purchase:

1. 48 months (during four years) repayment period
2. 0% annual interest rate
3. 0% down payment
4. Loan amount of 1% service fee each month


Free delivery is available in Yerevan and is carried out within one calendar day. For all regions outside Yerevan, the amount is agreed with an employee of the company who will contact the client immediately after order.


Payment at can be made in three ways: online, by bank transfer to the company account or by cash. Online payments are made through the AmeriaBank payment system. We also serve ARCA, Visa and Master Card holders.

Bank transfers are made to the company account provided by the company in advance. Only after the receipt of payment the goods are delivered  to the address indicated by the customer.

Cash payments are made at the moment of delivery with AMD.